The Clarkson Saga AND Saving The BBC for the Future

For many years, it is common knowledge, many have been praying for Jeremy to get into a situation which would give some the excuse to get of him and TG.
The simple reason being the BBC are rubbish at managing talent and are SO SCARED of shows that individually produce an audience where they don’t expect one – I’ve experienced that personally.

Now Jeremy has told the truth – the BBC FXXXXD IT UP. I will be surprised if there is any way back. The old-school-tie will close ranks and that will be that.

As one who still says there should be a BBC, what should happen to protect the BBC from being sold off, as was the case with all the BBC World Service transmitters – NO you no longer own them? This would be my painful medicine for the next government to execute:

  1. Reappoint the entire BBC Trust with people who know and have a proven track record in the broadcast industry – no other media will do.

  2. Replace Tony Hall urgently and recruit a broadcaster to replace him

  3. Introduce a mission statement making it clear what the stake holders, license fee payers, will get for there annual investment in the BBC.

  4. TV Channels should be re configured

  5. ALL NEWS an current affairs programming should only be shown on the BBC News Channel

  6. BBC 1 should be an entertainment channel that families can watch during the day and in the evenings carry soaps and dramas such as Murdered in Paradise and Casualty.

  7. BBC 2 should be programming for the young minded (If 18 or80) at heart

  8. BBC 3 should be 24/7 can carry natural history, entertaining science shows with 20% retained for Arts programming. The channel could also slot in should the News Channel have to focus on extended breaking news and/or extended sports coverage.

  9. BBC4 becomes part of BBC3

  10. CBBC/Cbeebies should become one channel. Programming to reflect youngsters and toddlers during the day and teens during the evenings

  11. Radios 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 should basically remain as is – however, R2 should move all its niche programming to R3 enabling the station to air output similar to daytimes 24/7

  12. BBC Locals stations should return to local status 24/7 – the musical output should be more suited to the silver surfer listener – giving that market sector a musical choice

  13. The notion of BBC1 +1 should be scraped – the BBC iPlayer does that job

  14. Unique programming for the iPlayer should be cancelled

  15. Red button channels can also double up as News channels and Sports channels.

  16. Programming budgets would be approved by a committee comprising of ex-commercial TV and radio people. Any budget exceeding commercial costs would be outsourced to an independent production company.

The New BBC Mission Statement

a) should include a viewers panel, paid for there time, on two year contracts

b) enable votes on low appreciation shows continuing, the niche shows, based on cost and do the majority of its viewers also subscribe to cable or satellite where similar programming can be found

d) the viewers panel should be able to contribute views on non-broadcast areas such as awards ceremonies and singularly sponsored BBC events, plus non-broadcast expenditure