In the 1990’s a TV transmission license was issued to Eric Wiltsher for TESUG TV which adopted the name Satellite Festival.

Many Festivals were aired starting with the BT earth station at Goonhilly, followed by a Dutch festival with Rens Mass and even being allowed to broadcast on the then BRAND NEW Sirius satellite launched by GE.

2 thoughts on “TESUG TV

  1. Nice to see some of my YouTube vids linked here, I was a regular Sat Surgery caller/long time TESUG member 20 years ago still got my TESUG cup, happy 60th Eric some happy memories from back then from the days of my ‘yoof’.


  2. Satellite Surgery was essential listening and I too still have the TESUG mug which remains in regular use after all these years – the print is still intact, but the gold rim long gone… I’m sure there’s an analogy in there somewhere, to life in general… Adrian


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